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The life and leisure of Lars Machmüller.

What can I say about the author Lars Machmüller and his personal life? Well, let’s see. Scandinavia is often seen as the frozen north. Southern Denmark? Less so. That’s where I live, though, with my wife and three kids, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even though it rains every other day, we’ve got nature all around and the ocean is five minutes away.

As to my personal life: These days, a lot of my time is dedicated to my kids. Picking up toys, perfecting the art of packed lunches, bringing kids to play dates or sports – I’ve got all those down to an art form by now.

When the kids are at school, though. That’s when I hide away in my dark writing cave, and delve into my true passion – writing. My fiction showcases everything I love – fantasy, magic and games – with a particular love for quirky characters.

I have been fortunate enough that I was able to go full-time with my passion. Hence, I am walking the tightrope between dedicating all my time on my craft and remembering the little things – eating, sleeping and finding a moment to relax here and there.

What little spare time I have outside of this, go to my other loves – reading and gaming. LitRPG, GameLit, Fantasy and Science Fiction have an ongoing struggle for supremacy with the lure of Old-school RPGs and turn-based games. If it has dragons and an interesting world, I love it!

Finally, I have been able to rekindle an old love of mine – tabletop RPGs. I have a weekly D&D game with other crazy authors – Kevin Sinclair, Jez Cajiao, Brian Nordon, Michael Head and our inimitable DM Jack Fields. Our shenanigans may have inspired some of the crazier scenes in my books.

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