Cyberpunk LitRPG series Hackers of Artem

Complete Cyberpunk series. This story revolves around a hacker main character and his crew in a dystopian world where mega-corporations rule the day.

The focus in these LitRPG/Progression Fantasy Cyberpunk tales revolve around hacking, small-crew strategies and heists and a world where you can mod your body with whatever you can imagine.

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Cyperpunk LitRPG Hackers of Artems Underdog

Complete Cyperpunk LitRPG series – Underdog

  • Underdog – Book 1
  • Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook
  • 740 pages
  • Published Aug 1, 2023
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Start from behind? Cheat the system!

Out of credits, with trash-tier mods and no hope, Bowdoin Katamari resides at the bottom of the pile in the city of Artem. A place where megacorporations, merc guilds and inner city pricks live like royalty while the rest suffer.
In spite of his poor prospects, this self-taught hacker does have a few things left. A seething hatred for the upper castes, a mind bursting with plots, and a like-minded crew determined to get ahead.
Down with the corpos – let the towers burn!

Cyperpunk LitRPG Hackers of Artems Initiate

Complete Cyperpunk LitRPG series – Initiate

  • Hackers of Artem – Book 2
  • Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audible
  • 524 pages
  • Published Oct 01, 2023
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Trapped in the web of the corporations. The fight for freedom will be hard.

Bowdoin and his crew have grown in both strength and reach. They have taken on all comers, gangs, corpo, and otherwise, and expanded their domain to include the entirety of their arcology. But they have not avoided entrapment.
Ostensibly, Bowdoin is doing work for hire for the hacker corporation Inside Eye. The reality of it is bleaker than this. The chains may be pretty, and invisible to the naked eye. But they are still there.
Any hope their group may have of building a future for themselves, freed from the oppression of the powerful corporations of Artem will take a lot of cleverness, guile and violence.

Good thing fire is such an effective cleaner.

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