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These are all English LitRPG audiobooks by Lars Machmüller.

You can find links to investigate and buy all these books below, and the details around the series and narrators can be found by scrolling down on this page.

Overview of English indie LitRPG audiobooks by Lars Machmüller:

Lars Machmüller, LitRPG and GameLit author, has created two English indie book series in the GameLit and LitRPG genres.

World of Chains is a bard Virtual Reality LitRPG series, focusing on music and non-combat solutions. Available both as ebooks, physical books and multicast audiobooks with Justin Thomas James, Jeff Hays and Laurie Catherine Winkel, with additional musical accompaniment.

Hackers of Artem is a hacker cyberpunk Progression Fantasy, focusing on mods and hacking in a dystopian cyberpunk world, shared with three other amazing authors. Kevin Sinclair, Jez Cajiao and Dawn Chapman. Available both as ebooks, physical books and duet audiobooks with the amazing Pavi Proczko and Rebecca Woods.

Overview of LitRPG audiobooks by Lars Machmüller created by publishers:

On top of that, he has been blessed to work with some consummate professionals in his work as a LitRPG and GameLit author. His second series, Dragon Core Chronicles, now complete at six books, was published by Mountaindale Press. All books are currently available both as ebooks, physical books and audiobooks narrated by the talented Steve Campbell. Some of the audiobooks also contain bloopers and other bonus material.

Finally, he is currently working on a new LitRPG series (currently four books planned) containing card-game mechanics and a thriving, dangerous world, with the amazing folks of Jez Cajiao and others at Legion Publishers. It will be available both as ebooks, physical books and audiobooks narrated by the incredible Vikas Adam.

All English book series by Lars Machmüller are available to be bought on Amazon and Audible. They are also all translated or in the process of being translated into German and created as German audiobooks.

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